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Looking Young With Great Hair

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All people worry about aging, and the older they are, the more effort they have to put into staying young and looking beautiful. Beauty regimens, doctor’s appointments, custom-made meal plans – all of these are just some of the ways women can look younger or at the very least, age gracefully. However, a part from all of this, did you know you can actually look younger just by changing your hairstyle? Here are some of the ways you can look younger through your hair.

Fashion Pics

Add bangs – Adding bangs of fringes is one of the easiest ways to look younger. With bangs, you hair looks fuller, which is especially great for people with naturally thin hair, or people who have thinning hair due to age. Going for full, thick bangs can definitely reduce a person’s age by years. However, if that’s too bold of a move for you, you can try soft, sideswept bangs instead, especially if your hair doesn’t natural part in the middle.

Add layers to your hair – The more layers you have in your hair, the less old you look. This may sound too good to be true, but there’s a rational explanation for it. Layers give the illusion of more movement, which gives hair a youthful glow. Hair that’s cut bluntly and is too straight appears still and can add decades to your look. Add movement to your hair by having some layers frame your face, while longer ones can graze and follow the curve of your shoulder blades. This makes your hair look healthy and gives an added bounce to it.

Settle for messy updos – Hair that’s neat and slickly pulled back into a ponytail can make you look professional, but sometimes it can make you look older as well. If you want to pull your hair up, especially if it’s not for a business-related function, settle for a messy ponytail or updo . Don’t use a comb to gather your hair; instead, use your fingers to rake them up. Instead of straight lines, you’ll get soft ripples that may look a bit messy, but also adds youth to your face. The slight fuzziness gives you a relaxed and softer look.

Don’t part your hair in the middle – Hair that parts in the middle looks a bit daunting and serious. To instantly soften your look, get your hair used to a side parting and letting your hair flow naturally to the side. If your hair is too thick and goes back stubbornly to a center parting, try to part your hair using zigzag lines instead.

Changing how your hair looks can take years off of your face effortlessly. Not only can it add youth to your features in just a few seconds, it is also relatively cheaper than surgery and expensive anti-aging products.

By Mike Wheatley

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Published by Abhimanyu Sharma · 2014-04-07T15:12:47+0000

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Published by Abhimanyu Sharma · 2014-04-07T15:11:38+0000

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Published by Abhimanyu Sharma · 2014-04-07T15:11:37+0000

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Published by Abhimanyu Sharma · 2014-04-07T15:11:37+0000

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Published by Abhimanyu Sharma · 2014-04-07T15:11:37+0000

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